GWUSA can support your grant writing needs in all aspects of the grant seeking process—from consulting to research to grant writing.

A) Consultation: 

We provide services for program development and grant writing.

Grant Writing

GWUSA will review the proposals that you have written and want to submit for consideration. We will critique your proposal with comments and suggestions and/ or rewrite a portion of the proposal for you.

Program Development

1)     GWUSA will help you develop solutions for Program or Project Development/Management.

2)     GWUSA will assist you in strategic planning and budgetary matters.

3)     GWUSA will help you develop collaborative efforts with current partnerships, or help you secure new partnerships.

Fees: From $250.00 to $2000.00—(depending on the length of the Proposal)

B) Research:

GWUSA will match you with as many possible funders for your project or program.

GWUSA will supply you with appropriate data and statistics to support your project.

Fees:  From $250.00 to $2500 –(depending on length of service requested) or $75.00 per hour whichever is greater.

Research can significantly raise your chances of successfully funding your proposal.

C) Complete The Grant Process:

GWUSA will provide you a grant writer so that you can contract for our complete services. A copy of our contract is available upon request.

GWUSA services include: (From nuts to bolts.) A complete offering of research, development, grants submission.

Fees:  $75.00 per hour (not to exceed 20 hours per week)