Our GrantWriter USA team represents a diverse cross section of non-profit fundraisers, grant writers, college educators, philanthropists, corporate executives and private business entrepreneurs. We have over 25 years of experience in many disciplines. Our expertise integrates conceptual knowledge with our own experience to generate powerful and practical insights about grant seeking and corporate management grant making. The learning stems from a variety of activities including job experiences, classes, seminars, small group discussions, and individual study. We will incorporate the best ideas in non-profit management, philanthropy and corporate citizenship and share substantive insights and practical experiences that will help those who do the important work of improving society do it even better. In addition to our grant writing we will assist (if needed) in:

o Reviewing the results achieved by management as compared with the Organization’s philosophy, annual and long range goals, and the performance of similar organizations.

o Be certain that the financial structure of the Organization is adequate for its current needs and its long-range strategy.

o Provide candid and constructive criticism, advice, and comments.

o Help in approving major actions of the Organization, such as capital expenditures and major program and service changes.

Some non-profits are lucky enough to have a vision of what they would like the organization to be doing in twenty years. Others have no idea, and are testing the waters to see where they fit in the broad range of opportunities available in the non-profit sector. Regardless of which group you are in, ask yourself the following question: If you could make an impact in our world right now, given your educational background and experience, what would it be?

All of these answers to these questions become less of a burden when funding becomes readily available for whatever program or initiative that your Organization clearly represents. Many employees or volunteers in non-profit Organizations do not really care what position they fill, as long as they are helping to promote an issue about which they are passionate. Grant writing is a science that requires special techniques; many non-profits simply have need for grant writers but do not focus on this as their priority. Though it is not a reflection of the non-profit Organization’s work, fundraising and grants are essential to establishing the non-profit’s sustainability. Therefore, grant writing is something that must be part of any non-profit’s fundraising portfolio.

Concerning grants, GWUSA has been involved in all types of grant searches, application writing, RFP’s, LOI’s and budget preparation and has worked with large and small non-profit boards. We are familiar with 501(C) 3, & 990 forms.

GWUSA has also submitted grants electronically through file transfers or E-Mail attachments.

GWUSA has assisted in getting matching grants and generating start-up funding for new companies and organizations. We are well acquainted with the overabundance of paperwork involved.

We have worked on corporate and non-profit annual giving efforts and capital campaigns.

We have also done work in community development, health and human services. We have relationships with a number of people who sit on foundation boards.

Once a contract is signed with a client we research potential funding sources and write Letters of Inquiry (LOI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) to find out if the funding source is interested in providing funding for that particular project. Once the potential funding source establishes interest, we then submit a full proposal following their guidelines to them on behalf of the client. We also write Corporate Letters for clients seeking smaller or appropriate amounts of money or in-kind support such as equipment or services. We will enable your Organization to realize and fulfill your aspirations by being a bridge between your Organization and the funding source. We expect upon our joint venture to be able to communicate the passion of your work to the funding source.